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Last Outpost in Uncanny Valley

Last Update on April 14, 2008

This is the working title for a new installation that I will present at
California College of the Arts as my Master Thesis Exhibition.

All the work is still in prototype stage, but now I at least have a few photos
to share with those who are interested in what it is that I've been doing
for the last few months.

I've reformatted this page to just scroll down instead of the two across.

Check out the LART competition pages too! It is part of the same project. [EKD]

The first version of the Uncanny Valley Authority website is now online, with more information about the work previewed here.

My written thesis project, Robots: a Practical Taxonomy can be previewed here.

Translations of the Binary Panel works that comprise the exterior of the Uncanny Valley Authority Outposts are available here.

Four iMacs running ascii movie conversion in GL Terminal, 3 hanging from black pipe.
the iMac Armada grows, waiting on paint jobs imac armada
wire rope blends in with the connector cables.
a big carabiner clips up a tray loader

Binary Panel tests

cutting in Medite 3D


binary panel test 1


binary test 2

panel paint tests


paint finish tests


whitewash whitewash panel

white and grey

grey and white wash
greywash greywash

primer grey test.

Still a little too dark. Going to have to mix a lighter grey color for the show.

primer grey test
screenshot test
The Panel moved into my CCA studio binary panel 1  
Me with the rack of iMacs (taken by our friend Fly) eliot with the imacs taken by fly



post review installation view


outpost room view
the new rack of imacs hanging imacs 1
a little further back imacs2




from the back corner of the room hanging imacs 3
computer and the cables dressed up the pipe imac 4
the file recovery script imacs looking for lost files
more file recovery attempt imac trying to find files

the wall of LARTs.

This will become two cabinets of LARTs, maybe more depending on how many LART submissions are received.

LART collection
paperwork for the authority forms
  more forms