A Wake for Analog


A Wake for Analog
A live AV performance by killer banshee

Saturday May 23, 2009

992 Valencia St
San Francisco CA

A Wake for Analog is a celebration of the passing of the world of analog broadcast into the dustbin of cultural history. This improvisational work combines materials from all periods of broadcast history in the United States, working the historical timeline against the timeline of the broadcast day. Broken into 3 sections, the sign-on, the rotating schedule, and the sign-off, decades of broadcast detritus are combined and displayed together. Within each three sections, a matrix of sources is remixed into an AV performance, across two video screens and a stereo field.

The passing of analog takes with it specific phenomena that become metaphorical relics: vertical and horizontal roll and sync, snow, visual flatness, frequency interference, phase, light trailing and irising ephemera. While nobody working to improve the fidelity of television may bemoan the loss of these visual traits in video, the loss of these markers removes visual concepts of distortion, loss, fade and signal mixing from the palette of media. No longer will these analog traces be directly present; now they become quotation.

Killer Banshee (Eliot K Daughtry and Kriss De Jong) creates improvisational performances using video across multiple screens. Their approach is part synthesis, part sampling of video material, influenced by their work in music. Using software to remediate the imagery of analog, the glitches of analog slide against the nature of digital reproduction. Breaking signals apart, what gets put back together is something entirely different - an interpretation between channels that is not one or the other, or even both.

Frequent Killer Banshee collaborator, Electronic Artist/Noise Composer Thurston Graham, performs his sonic works using an array of analog and solid state electronics. Processing audio from tape recorders, live televisions, and a modular synthesizer, Graham pushes the limit of comprehensibility in this exploration of television history. Concentrating decades of broadcast programming, he invokes new voices within in a chorus of ghosts, liberated from the impending confinement of the digital broadcast horizon.

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