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Last Outpost in Uncanny Valley


Minor Demons



The Corporal

Prometheus in Hiroshima


I make art around different ideas I have. A lot of the ideas I investigate are about how traditional material is recycled, both visually, and through storytelling.

I'm also fascinated with the subjective experience of time, and how time works differently based on situation, perspective, and what that changing experience means in art.

My concerns are not really based on ideas about narrative, at least not in the sense of the construction of a novel, or Hollywood style cinema. I'm more concerned with what happens after the narrative, or maybe what could be called post-narrative.

For example, the Minor Demon cycle of work all takes place in a collapsed time of about 3, maybe 5 seconds. It looks at a set of interlocking events, all at time standing almost still, but shifting in close geographical proximity.

The Pinocchio works attempt to re-imagine how we would look at the wooden head if Disney had not reframed the Collodi story to suit their conservative idea of propriety for American children.