Pinocchio: A Real Boy.

A New Body of Work by Eliot K Daughtry.

<-- Introducing Pinocchio.
Lookame, I can wave and look scary like a clown.







Pinocchio Standing. -->
Gotta make sure no one is looking. I'm gonna be naughty.

<-- Pinocchio Grows Donkey Ears. Don't Frown Pinocchio, you can get lots of piercings now.








Pinocchio's Nose Grows. -->
Ah truth, it's overrated if you need to clear the way in front of you.

<-- Pinocchio burns his feet.
Don't fall asleep with your feet in the fire.


Bury those coins in the field. The fox and cat won't steal them.-->

<--Ouch! Traps hurt a lot!


Even worse, you get to be a watchdog and live in the doghouse after being caught. -->

<--You really aren't going to give me anywhere near what this book cost my daddy in exchange for tickets to the show, are you?

No sympathy for the stupid. Think about it. -->

<--Violence never rewards you the way you want it to. Who needs mouthy insects anyway?

Giving up the coins might have been better, but the adventures wouldn't be the same. Enjoy a fine trickster tradition -->

<-- I'm the gingerbreadman! Oh wait a minute.. I'm made of wood and that's a fire there!@#$


How long can I stay in this position before it starts to hurt? I'm hungry and the snail is taking a really long time! -->

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